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Image by Ben White

"OMOTENASHI" hospitality lecture

~Sending "the heart of hospitality" to the world~

As inbound tourists increase, the number of foreign tourists visiting Japan is increasing year by year. Many of them say that they were most impressed after returning from Japan about the services they received in Japan.

In fact, I have received many requests for training to learn about Japanese hospitality services.

I was impressed that the "mind of thought" is common in Japan has reached across borders and moved the hearts of many people.

At the "OMOTENASHI" hospitality lecture, we will explain in an easy-to-understand manner the actual state of the hospitality valued, and explain how to convey the heart of non-verbal "OMOTENASHI" that does not rely on words that can be done. We will also introduce practical exercises I learned during the ANA flight attendant era.

"Thoughtful mind" is the lecture that present wonderful experience which you can move someone's mind across borders.

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